commonplace book of days

August 2007 – Kate over at Cider Press Hill linked to whiskey rivers commonplace book some time back. I commented at the time that I should hold her accountable for all of the time I would waste reading there, but I didn’t really mean it. I love the whole idea of a commonplace book. Where other’s keep journals and diaries, all I have ever been able to keep are what I have now found are commonplace books. Books and journals full of quotes, ideas, and clippings are what I’ve kept all my life.

So now I shall start anew with an electronic version of my own.

I think I will build this as a book of days – a page a month, a quote a day…add to it till it’s done…or I am.

February 2009 -Sometime last year I had a database/website issue that wiped out part of what I had created in the past year or so in these pages…It’s taken me a while to even start to try to recreate the lost pages. So if a link leads to a blank page – forgive  me and check back later…I’m working on it.

commonplace book of days

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