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TGIF – What do you say to a glowing coworker?

My short answer…If you have heard they have cancer, don’t ask “How are you?” Talk about a loaded question with no real answers at the beginning of treatment. “How you feeling?” would be safer…just. “Hi!” is the best and the safest yet. My two cents thrown out into the blogosphere.

News Flash – Politics

It appears the Vice President has his own version of President Bush’s “signing statements”. He doesn’t even have to write them out and sign them…top-secret you know. And guess what? They even trump the President’s Executive Order’s. Any question now as to who the power behind the throne is?

Vice President Cheney’s office has refused to comply with an executive order governing the handling of classified information for the past four years and recently tried to abolish the office that sought to enforce those rules, according to documents released by a congressional committee yesterday.

Source: Cheney Defiant on Classified Material –

I don’t know which is worse a President with no curiosity or a Vice President with a secrecy fetish…And when you surround them both with staffs that have divine assurance that nothing they do can be illegal or immoral, then my friends, you have a problem…A big problem.

The coffee cup is empty and the clock has run around as I mused through my morning email. Time for the early commute…Catch y’all down the road.

Farewell, complete walker

For most of us who care about ecology and the environment, there was some personal experience that brought us there. For me, it was wilderness hiking, beginning 30-plus years ago in the Grand Canyon and continuing across the American West. Two books helped instigate my journeys and those of thousands of fellow adventure-seekers and nature-lovers. The Welshman who wrote them, the intrepid and blessedly individualistic Colin Fletcher, died earlier this month, at 85.I can’t recall which I read first — The Man Who Walked Through Time, in which Fletcher chronicled his 400-mile hike through the Grand Canyon, or his compulsively detailed guide to backpacking, The Complete Walker. That’s probably because I read them both repeatedly and obsessively.Farewell, complete walker | Gristmill: The environmental news blog | Grist

Like Charles Komanoff, I have a well worn copy of The Complete Walker on my bookshelf. While I am more of an ambler and never became a “Long Trekker”, I was always enthralled by Fletcher’s writing. I am sorry to hear he has made is last walk. Charles has posted a heartfelt memorial to an inspiration at Grist…Go check it out

Week 2 – Day 2 Working on an interior tan…

I had a funny thought as I lay on the…hmmm, I really don’t know what to call it…the platform(?) while x-rays were taken of my throat before my radiation treatments started yesterday. I was recalling my elementary school days during the Cuban Missile Crisis when they would line us up in the hall and have us put our heads between our knees. Duck and cover it was called…We were all afraid of radiation then. Now I voluntarily stick my head under a machine on a daily basis to have my cancer radiated…What a world we live in.

How many of you remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Scared the bejebez out of me, I’ll tell you. I was to young to understand what was happening, our maybe I knew exactly what was happening it’s hard to tell at that age. All I really knew was , I didn’t want to die. Damn, that’s the same feeling I have today. Well almost fifty years have gone by and I don’t plan on checking out anytime soon. I have a date with some mountains in a few years for a decade or two at least.

You may find this rather strange, but just now as I was looking up the link above is really the first time I have looked at anything on what I am going through. Am I in denia? I don’t think so, but then, how would I know. Am I searching for sympathy? That I can answer…No. Do I feel like I’m being punished? Are you kidding? No, I am just living the life I’ve been given…poorly I’m sure. I can hear my grandma now…I was such a trial for that woman. Probably still am, may she rest in peace. What did she do to end up with a bunch of hippies for grandchildren?

Oh well enough about my trials and tribulations…What’s up with the rest of the world this morning?

Read some disturbing news over at Fragments From Floyd this morning. SiteTracker appears to have partnered (their term) with a “sitetracking cookie monster” (Fred’s term). I have been using SiteTracker for  over a year but it looks like I’ll need to rethink that decision.

Looks like I killed the morning and the cup of joe.  Time to hit the road for the morning bumper car run.