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OpinionJournal – Peggy Noonan

OpinionJournal – Peggy Noonan: “I note here what is to me a mystery. It is that people with lower IQs somehow tend, in our age, to have a greater apprehension of the meaning of things and the reality of life, than do our high-IQ professionals, who often seem, in areas outside their immediate field, startlingly dim. I don’t know why intellectuals–or cerebralists or eggheads or IQ hegemonists–seem to miss the most obvious things, floating on untethered by common sense. If you talk to a brilliant scholar at a fine university about social policy, chances are he will say with honest perplexity that he cannot understand–really cannot understand–why people would not want men to marry men, or women women. I wish there were a name for this, for the cluelessness of the more intellectually accomplished, the simpler but truer wisdom of those who are often less lettered and less accomplished.
But I have strayed from my point, which is that in the midst of the increasing complexity we should limit as much as possible what is decided by government, limit its power, and have some actual sympathy for politicians who have to master the arcane subject matter. Better they make decisions than our black-robed masters. “

Is Ms. Noonan really for real? When she says “people with lower IQs somehow tend, in our age, to have a greater apprehension of the meaning of things” does she really mean that people with lower IQs are afraid of the meaning of things? And this is a good thing?

I am sorry, but the past 5+ years have pretty much proved to me that I really do want someone running this country who actually can put two thoughts together in a manner that wont send the rest of the world running for the bunkers…

I pulled up her column because of a mention in “The Carpetbagger” about the first half of her column, but the more I read the more I remembered why I quit reading the Journal’s Opinion pages…They just don’t make any sense, but then I am a “Bush Hater” so what do I know?

Blowing the Whistle on Diebold — In These Times

Blowing the Whistle on Diebold — In These Times: “The single greatest threat to our democracy is the insecurity of our voting system,” warns Kennedy. “Whoever controls the voting machines can control who wins the votes.”

After reading his article in Rolling Stone I was impressed, now it looks like a new champion of election fairness is on the move…

Strategery’ From the Primary Source Washington Whispers: “To the list of those penning books about the prez add the most authoritative source of all: President Bush. Insiders say that he’s been working on the project for a year. ‘He’s doing a memoir,’ one insider says. ‘He’s keenly interested in it.’ But here’s the odd part: Bush hasn’t actually written a word yet. Instead, he and his aides have been packaging the stuff he wants to reference so that he’ll be ready to write when the project moves into that stage. And that probably won’t happen until after he leaves office.”

I don’t think I agree with the gist of this little whisper…Seems to me everything Mr. President has said for the past six years has been aimed at his memoir. Its almost like he has been test driving the wording to see what will sound best to the historians. Seems to me if he spent as much time leading we would be in a better place today…But then hey, I don’t seem to count with this admin anyway…

Jim Hightower’s Common-Sense Commentaries

I guess one of the things that really bothers me about this country is the way everyone lives the myth. If you ask almost anyone in the USA, they will tell you they are “middle class” or “middle income”. The funny thing about this is the disconnect between what people make and the actual figures that represent “middle income”. I guarantee you that most of the elected officials in Washington think they are “middle income”…I guess this is the real “bubble” mentality of the American Political Class!

Jim Hightower’s Common-Sense Commentaries: “Members try to dismiss the pay hikes as a trivial sum, merely enough to keep them ahead of inflation. Over the eight years of steady raises, however, these cost-of-living ‘adjustments,’ as congress likes to call them, have added a total of $32,000 to their paychecks. That’s more than the annual income of most Americans’ and it further isolates our congress critters from the harsh economic reality being faced today by the great majority of people they supposedly represent. ”