Saturday, the tenth of February

Rain, thunder, and more rain and thunder, a warm wet  morning coffee muses.

Sometime this morning I became aware that I was sleeping at the working end of as almost empty bowling alley… And someone was rolling strikes above my head. The lights would flash in my unlit room, and some seconds later, the ball would strike the pins sending them playing into each other with a resounding booming. The overnight rains now had a soundtrack.

As if the ground wasn’t soaked enough, I see water standing were I haven’t seen it standing since Harvey. It looks like ill have to wade out front to get in my car.

And tomorrow, we’re right back down into the 40’s for a high. The Texas yoyo weather pattern is here to stay till winter gets tired of us this year.

I guess the thunder was for my benefit, an alarm clock to drag me out of bed. Because, once I made it out here on the porch, the thunder quit.

Today almost feels like a preview of spring. It makes me miss the old swing we had on the front porch of the old house. A throw pillow and a book on a rainy day like this and life was good.

I’ve had a total of two birds on the feeder this morning… make that three. There’s a slacking of the rain at the moment. And more thunder in the distance.

I think I’ll take advantage of this break and move my car out of the standing water…

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