Saturday, February third

Another wintery looking, cool, gusty, morning coffee muses.

It’s funny how cold the fifties can be with a strong wind. All day yesterday felt so much colder than the thermometer said it was. It looks like that’s carried over into today.

It’s deeply overcast today, the sky is a flat shade of steel gray. Not even lightening where the sun is hiding in the sky. The light spot in the photo above has closed and is now evenly gray too.

Only a few birds are out and about. Though, I can hear them everywhere.

Since it’s Saturday, this will have to be a fairly quick muse. My better half will be wanting breakfast shortly and I’ll need to change out of these pajamas I put on to walk out into the cold.

On a more strident political note, I find myself wondering what this country would be like if there had never been a Faux News Network. And to listen to our faux President talk about fake news while pushing faux news stories… And then have them parroted back by his base of supporters who share them with the world is just sad.

We live in a world where the haves have a lot (and want more), the don’t haves really don’t have and couldn’t make it without government help. And the ones in the middle… too many of them watch faux news for all of their information. And they talk about the “elites” living in a bubble… there is no bubble like the faux news bubble. Disinformation, propaganda, conspiracy theories, the real fake news, Fox News. Spoon fed to a willing constituency by old white guys getting rich off the misery they inflict on the country.

The tea party writ large across America. Looking back over the past two decades, what you see is the Clinton’s stealing the playbook of the conservatives and conservatives moving further and further to the right running away from the Clinton’s. Which led to the Supreme Court choosing Bush in 2000. Then America had the audacity to elect a black man President… And the right wing of the right went crazier… so they elected a con artist as their champion. And with the help of Russian interference, we got Trump. And you all keep telling me I should just act like y’all couldn’t during two presidential terms in office, and play nice even when y’all don’t have a clue what playing nice is…

It cold and I have to get dressed. Enjoy the country Fox News has brought us…

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