Thursday, February first

‘Tis the first day of February, Abigail’s Day, a fine morning coffee muses.

The day is warming. It’s already pushing 70° outside, and even warmer on the back porch. I think I need to turn on the ceiling fans… And I’m in shorts and a tank top. For the middle of winter, it’s such a spring g like day. I almost turned on the fans by mistake before I came out… I think my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

Birds are singing, and cooing, and tweeting. Traffic is moving steadily over the bayou on the bypass. All in all, it’s a noisy day.

I find myself living in fantasy worlds lately. My oldest wanted to try to get my grandson involved in Dungeons and Dragons so I got pulled in to fill the game. Now, I’d always wanted to try the game back in the day, I just didn’t have any really nerdy friends who played. I am discovering I should have tried harder. Last Sunday we had six playing. It’s fun.

Then for Christmas I was gifted with the full set of Dresden Files books on my Kindle. So now when I’m not in the D + D universe, I’m in the Dresden universe where wizards and werewolves and ghosts and vampires wander the streets of Chicago. My spare time is filled with the strange and unusual.

Well, the heat and humidity probably mean I should wander in and switch the heat to AC for the day… later.

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