Tuesday, January the twenty-third

Just another beautiful winter’s morning coffee muses.

This morning’s soundtrack is brought to you by the mourning dove… a beautiful mournful sound not all that common on winter mornings.

It’s not really all that cool out here, even with the air temperature being in the low fifties in the shade. This heat sink of a back porch is feeling quite toasty. There’s just a promising kiss of a breeze, caressing with a cooling blush of a touch.

This morning the birds are scarce. Not really seen so much as heard. The world is so quiet, the mechanical sounds of the house are the loudest things I’m hearing most of the time. The pump in the septic tank, the dishwasher in the kitchen… sounds that are normally not noticed out here now taking prominence. It says something for the overall quietness of the morning.

The warmth on this porch is driving me inside… enjoy your day.

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