Wednesday, January the seventeenth

Sunny but cold, a breezy morning coffee muses.

It’s only in the lower twenties in the shade right now. Luckily, this porch is in the sun… unluckily, the wind is gusting pretty strongly trying to suck the warmth right out of my soul.

The ice pellets on the ground around the tree trunks are still there. Like a dusting of snow on bare ground. The hood and roof of my Sport Trac are still white against the dark blue. Ice sickles still hang here and there.

For the second day, schools are closed. The world is mostly quiet once again as everyone was warned to stay off the frozen roads. So the only sound I’m hearing is the wind in the trees. As I sit here letting the cold seep into my bones.

All day yesterday the bird feeders out front were busy, the ones out back, not so much. The ice on the roof must be starting to melt… there’s a drip drip drip picking up speed on the lid of the garbage can.

It looks like I need to move this muse indoors before I completely freeze…

Here’s what I saw when I fired up the computer…

Just keep in mind, my wind gage has been funky for months now.

The front feeders are busy again today,  The goldfinches are eating me out of house and seed.

This winter has actually been a winter. My heat has been on since before Christmas, we’ve had two snow events and a frozen precipitation event… And it’s only the middle of January.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m gonna enjoy winter while it lasts… Have a great weather day all…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, January the seventeenth”

  1. I emptied the bird baths late yesterday afternoon, so I didn’t have to deal with frozen chunks of ice this morning. I went out about 45 minutes ago and filled both with hot water. They’re already skimmed over with ice thick enough that I can’t just poke a finger through it. I don’t think it’s quite time to get out and about.

    I did see something funny this morning. I’ve got seed scattered, and whole peanuts for the bluejays. One of teh jays came wheeling in, tried to land on the railing, and skidded right off. He did better the second time, but that’s another hint that maybe it’s a little soon to hit the roads.

    1. I’ve never bothered with birdbaths because we always have so much water about. It just seemed like a lost cause. It’s been cold enough lately that I think the pair of bluebirds have been overnighting in the bluebird house. Every morning they just show up around the house as it warms up, then they fly off for the day only to appear again the next morning.

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