Saturday, the thirteenth day January

A second in a row cold and sunny morning coffee muses.

There’s just a slight breeze this morning. The yard has taken on that washed out winter look. All of the trees that are going to lose their leaves now have.

I just saw a flock of what must have been a hundred plus birds rise up off of Lee’s pasture to the east. It’s way too far away to identify the birds, but it was an impressive sight none the less.

The very first birds I saw this morning were the pair of eastern bluebirds leaving the nest box where they must have spent the night. I guess my childhood memories always overrule my fore brain when it comes to bluebirds. I just want to start singing Disney songs… not an altogether bad way to start a winter’s day. Especially when you consider I was in my thirties before I ever saw a living bluebird.

As I sit out here surrounded by nature… happy to be in my own little piece of the world, but curious about the wider world… I can’t help but be amazed at the blind ignorance of Donald J. Trump. The man ran for the highest office in the land, but, he thought it was King. He isn’t interested nor does he have a clue how America is run. He thinks those one page memos he signs are laws… they’re not. He hasn’t got a clue what his mouth and his Twitter feed are doing to the American psyche. America’s standing in the world is dropping like a rock as this failure of a business man pretends he is making America Great Again. When in actuality, the only thing getting greater is his overworked ego and his business bank account.

For someone who has spent his live in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world to be so indifferent to anyone who isn’t white and well off is just weird. The thing I see is a man afraid… afraid his neighbors will see thru the gilt to the baseness of the underlying man. Afraid that the Russian investigators will find that very same baseness in his campaign and business dealings. Afraid that the base that selected him as their champion will eventually see he is no hero.

Like most of his class, he has no American Ideals, just unshakable greed. It’s all about getting his. He has never outgrown the little bully in the elementary schoolyard.

Sadly for the rest of us, the Republican party has decided in the hopes of getting what they want, to facilitate bullying behavior. And, to try and hide his baseness. In so doing they have let us see thru their own stated high principals to the baseness they have been hiding for decades. By their actions they’ve made Donald Trump their own, by their actions, they’ve made his rants their rants, his base is rapidly becoming their entire party.

It’s time to think no more today about our failure as country of laws when run by a despot. Maybe I’ll be more optimistic tomorrow… somehow I doubt it though…

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