Friday, the twelfth of January

Finally, another sunny, cold and breezy morning coffee muses.

Shortly after the rains blew through at 3 p.m. yesterday, the sun began to break out. But during the short time the rains fell, they dropped an outstanding amount of water… it’s still out standing in the low spots in the yard today. All night the winds blew. They’re blowing still. But the mid-thirties don’t feel all that bad when the sun is out. If the prognosticators can be believed, this is the first of three sunny but cold mornings.

I’ve never figured it out, but, on sunny days the birds are fewer in numbers than they are on overcast days. Though today, Linda’s vultures are out riding the currents in the air. So, needless to say, it’s very quiet out this morning… except for the wind in the pines. It’s almost funny how comforting that sound is to me. I only spent about six months living in a pine forest, and that was almost fifty years ago.

The vultures are back to circling just above the treetops. Breakfast must be drawing them in, closer and closer. Something must be out there because now we have a half dozen or more circling above the bayou woods.

The sunlight glittering on the leaves is mesmerizing. The leaves dancing on the ground in the wind. Vultures doing their choreographed dance above your head, black feathers turning silver in the sun. All are worthy of the muse. Be it for five minutes or an hour… For as long as the coffee lasts… Sometimes for much longer.


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