Tuesday, January 9

Just another wintery looking, not so wintery feeling, morning coffee muses.

It’s one of the gray days of winter. The sky is flat pale gray, the almost bare trees look gray against the paler background.

The breeze is just strong enough to chill your skin. But the temperature is an almost pleasant 48°. A little too cold for shorts and a t-shirt, but add a Henley and it’s ok. I always think I should be listening to the Eagles when I dress this way.

There are birds out and about, but not in the numbers I’ve become used to. Crows are cawing way off in the distance. Jays are fussing around in the woods, chickadees are chattering, and yellow-rumps are tweeting and that is just what I’m hearing. I even hear a cardinal in the cedar tree. A vulture swoops low along the edge of the woods looking for breakfast.

Comcast spent most of the day yesterday patching the line I’m on. So I had an old-fashioned movie day. The tech who ended his day stuck in my yard said they would have to replace a chunk on cable about a quarter of the way down the road to the bypass. That should make for another movie day in the coming weeks.

Hell, I just looked up and should I see down at the bayou… The bulls are back out again. Called the owners and left a message. Then I waited until they crossed into the city before calling the police as they walked past me on the porch. Another fun day in the city…

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