Monday, January 8

It was a cool partly cloudy, internet free, morning coffee muses.

I walked out this morning, took my shots and tried to open my browser and my morning muse came to an abrupt halt. No internet connection. I went in and reset the modem. Waited… Waited… Waited… no connection. Called Comcast and was informed the outage would be repaired by noonish… it was.

But internet freedom comes with a caveat. No news, no email, no television news… I was left with a morning of perusing there my movie library and actually using the blue ray player for the first time in weeks.

Seems the outage was caused by the continuation of my service call. The tech found a signal drop on the line into my house… if past history can be used as an indication of where the problem arose, it was most likely caused by someone else’s repair.

Since it’s now 1 pm, and I’m on my last cup of coffee, I may as well cut this short and move on.

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