Saturday, January 6

Bright and sunny, barely cool, morning coffee muses.

Yesterday’s clouds moved out a little before sunset.  So we are blessed with our third sunny, umbrella needed morning on the back porch. I didn’t open it fully, so when the breeze catches the loose fabric it flops around. Still, it accomplishes what I wanted it for.

This muse is going to be farley short. I lay in bed later than I should have on a Saturday morning. I’m happy to see the bird variety is as great as yesterday. Now if today’s animal variety will just not include bovine I’ll be happy.

Though I was happy to meet a couple of neighbors from around the corner, I could do with a lot less of their livestock by-products. It was nice to have my suspicions confirmed about what they were building… I’ll wait till they open before publishing anything on the web.

Time to hit the shower and get ready to get out and about…

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