Friday, January 5

Overcast, once again, but warmer, with bull patties, morning coffee muses.

No need for the umbrella today, unless it’s later and needed for rain. The wandering bulls are back, and the phone number the two guys who came to collect them gave me either is to some dude living in New Orleans or always busy. Funny, but ever since we moved to this place I’ve had a bull problem.

In the early years it was the guy who rented the place around us. He had a big ole puppy of a bull. Any time he forced his way out I’d just walk him back to the gate and put him back in, no biggie. But I was almost half the age I am now, and it was a lot easier to do things like that. That went on for probably five years or so before he got rid of that bull.

Then, about five years ago, it was the rodeo bulls. On any given occasion two to five would walk out of the pasture around the corner and head towards the bayou for water and fresh grass. Of course, their path led right thru my yard… and over my trees. Both the Alvin police and I fought with their owner for two, three years before he finally removed them.

So now, after less than a year of barnyard peace, a new character has moved to the neighborhood and seems to think any old fence can contain a pair of young bulls… wrong. If this keeps up I feel a barbecue in our future…

On another note, the backyard is full of little, and not so little birds. Goldfinches are everywhere, along with the yellow-rumps, chickadees, cardinals, doves, bluebirds, blue jays, and even a couple of species of woodpeckers. And the gulls are passing over by the hundreds today.

Cow patties off the porch.

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