Thursday, January 4

A cold and frosty morning coffee muses.

I forgot to plug this tablet in yesterday, so the battery is at 21% and falling fast. So I’ll have to move inside to finish my muses.

It got colder than they forecast last night. My station shows a low of 22.5° overnight. From the look of the first out this morning, I’d have to believe it.

I find myself being visited by a number of goldfinches and yellow-rumped warblers this morning. The warblers are even landing on the porch and looking about, which is not something I’ve seen them do before. The gold finches are lading on the butterfly weed at the end of the porch. A few cedar waxwings landed in the cypress tree before flying off. And a bluebird has been in and out of the nestbox this morning.

The last paragraph was input on the little hp laptop because the tablet was almost dead. I’m not used to actually having to type everything in these muses anymore, The Kindle has a very smart auto type that almost reads my mind as I type so that one or two letters and it’s highlighted the word i want and hitting the space bar  will finish it. A bad habit I guess I need to break.

The only thing I really do not like about the hp is it’s dim screen. It’s hard to see out here in the bright light of day. Oh well, I guess that will make me remember to charge the Kindle…..

The quiet is shattered now by dogs barking and crows cawing. Off in the far distance a train whistle can be heard. A large flock of waxwings just flew by to the east… Just your average winter’s day in southeast Texas, though, the grass is still holding more green than i would expect after all of the cold days we’ve had… and floating gently by on the soft breeze, milkweed seeds.

time to move this show inside…

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