Thursday, December 28

Winter has settled in for a stay morning coffee muses.

Another cold overcast morning on the back porch. The morning’s temperature is right at 40°. There’s a bit of a north wind blowing. But without yesterday’s rain, it does feel quite as cold. But for these parts, it’s definitely hit full bore winter.

According to the prognosticators, the new year will bring even colder temperatures… overnight lows will be hovering around the thirty degree mark all week. Just looking at the forecast, I’d say we might even have a chance of snow on the 2nd. An if it falls, this time there’s a chance it might stick.

I got busy and forgot to hit publish this morning… Oopps…


4 thoughts on “Thursday, December 28”

  1. This made me laugh out loud: “I got busy and forgot to hit publish this morning…” It was only a couple of days ago that I wasn’t paying attention and hit “publish” rather than “save draft,” and sent a title and one sentence filled with typos out into the ether.

    As I told someone, it’s like dropping a screwdriver into the water. You see it happening, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

    All in all, your “mistake” was easier to take care of!

    1. I’ve hit publish when I meant to hit the enter on the tablet many times and have to change the status back to draft and update… It makes the rss push a little strange… that’s all.

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