Wednesday, December 27

A misty, rainy, Texas  cold, breezy winter morning coffee muses.

The mid-forties feels so much colder when the air is so full of moisture you can see it falling in a steady breeze. The drip drip drip on the garbage can lid is as steady as the steady sound of water in the gutters is soothing.

But the cold on the fingers will drive me in very soon.

I wonder if I cursed myself asking for a patio umbrella… looking at the ten day forecast, all I see is clouds in my future. Is that what this winter holds in store, months of cold wet days?

Yesterday I mentioned the book I got for Christmas… It’s a collection of haikus originally published on Instagram by Johnathan Rice. The collection is called Farewell, My Dudes69 Dystopian Haikus

There is truth in this statement… And the exact reaction I have to text messages.

Trump America

All sexy ladies
Will report to the dance floor
For deportation

As my oldest son said on hearing a few of these read on Christmas day… “What’s up with that… I don’t get it”. But me I like ’em.

Self Righteous

Saw you took a break
From all social media
Cuz you posted it

Oh well enough for today… You can check it all out on Instagram if you are so inclined… mrjohnathanrice.

Now for a breakfast of champions… Cheerios call.

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