Tuesday, December 26

Twas the day after Christmas, and all throughout the house I was snoring in bed well past my morning coffee muses.

No sun shining thru the bedroom window let me lay a bed much later than normal. I needed the chance to catch up on sleep anyway.

Once out on the porch, my special Christmas gift wasn’t needed. My new patio umbrella wasn’t required to shade my eyes. Oh well, I have plenty of days left before the sun abandons this side of the house with Spring’s arrival.

The major thing I had asked for this year was to fill my collection of America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country television seasons on DVD. I now have the entire Christopher Kimball collection. So now I’m done with that company. I wasn’t happy with how they showed their founder the door. While my gifts may have enriched them a bit, my cancellation of all of my subscriptions will cost them more. It won’t sink the company, but it expresses my unhappiness well.

My eldest daughter gave me a strange little book of haiku. I don’t recall the author, I’ll post it here later, but the few I read after I opened the gift really caught my attention.

Well, I need to get moving. I have to return my mom’s phone. She left it here when she went home yesterday.

The countdown is on to 2018.


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