Wednesday, December 20

Warm enough for the ceiling fans on this loud morning coffee muses.

The sun is out and the back porch is doing it’s winters job of capturing the heat. Before I came out the sensor on the wall was registering 75° already.

Part of the loudness is there are three hawks being harassed by a bunch of crows… on top of a train whistling it’s way down the tracks.

At least the air isn’t saturated today like it was yesterday. Though truth be told, it’s still soaked out in the yard. That’s what I remember about winters in Texas. At least the ones from my youth.

Thank god the sun is about at its southern most path across the sky. It’s getting harder and harder to find a piece of shade during these morning muses.

The sun on my bare legs is quite warm. While the air in the shade is nicely cool.

Milkweed seeds are running dancingly away from their mother bush this morning. Away, searching for a place to put forth roots and thrive. As my granddaughter says, wishes blowing in the wind.

The red oak is becoming a ghost of itself. More and more of it’s fall colored leaves are spread upon the ground than are still affixed to it’s branches. It’s almost transparent.

The lady beetles are back looking for places to hide from the cold. I’ve been seeing more and more the last few days… Not one of my favorite fall occurrences.

Time for another location, the fans are losing the battle with the,sun…

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