Sunday, December 17

Foggy and damp, a bit warmer… maybe not, morning coffee muses.

The red oak has finally taken on the deep orange glow I wait for each autumn. I was afraid last night’s rains would have stripped it of it’s leaves… but, it’s still holding on.

The Sunday morning quiet was shattered… first by sirens, then by a train moving thru town. Now it’s blue jays and crows quietly making their presence known. And somewhere off across the bayou is a low drumming sound, like a teenage boy practicing badly on a drum set.

Flocks of blackbirds keep wheeling about the bare trees along the eastern fence line. And the crow is getting closer… The birds are waking up down along the bayou.

The engineer on the train to the south is gonna piss some folks off if he keeps beep beeping his air horn… he’s not moving and he’s hitting it every thirty seconds or so. Now he’s just beeeeeeping it over and over.

As nice as it is sitting out enjoying the mostly quiet, peaceful morning I need to go start breakfast for my boss…


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