Friday, December 15

A damp, cool, overcast, ten days till Christmas morning coffee muses.

Finally, fall color. It always looks best under overcast skies. It’s amazing how many leaves fall before the color arrives. All of the pines have brown needles on almost every branch, waiting to fall.

The dampness gives the cool air a bite it wouldn’t have if the sun was out. I had to go back in for my hoodie.

The overcast isn’t keeping the birds quiet this morning. Though, they are scattered throughout the area.

All week long we’ve had helicopters playing practice war games in the night sky above our house. I saw a notice that it was Air National Guard and Air Force personnel training. All I really know is they are loud. If I was a tea party conspiracy theorist, I’d be running for the hills screaming about the UN coming to take my guns.

Speaking of the tea party, I’m feeling better about next year’s mid-terms… if, like me you’re tired of being embarrassed by our conservative talking representation in congress, you should take a look at Beto O’Rourke to replace Bannon’s buddy Ted Cruz. And as I understand it, the Democrats for once have someone running for every state spot on the ticket. What a change that will be. Not having unopposed tea party Republicans as the only candidate. If you would like to see a progressive Texas Senator you might think about backing his campaign… send him some coffee money.

Well, the wind is picking up and even the hoodie isn’t helping to keep my fingers warm. So I think it’s time to wander in and see what the world’s up to.


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