Thursday, December 14

A beautiful fall morning coffee muses.

Birds are singing. The sun shines through high clouds. The green that has predominated the landscape is fading into the background. Even the grass is now tinged with browns.

The traffic roar is quite pronounced this morning. Off in the distance a train whistle blows. Blue jays are jaying, crows are kawing. It’s an almost perfect morning for thinking about everything. Pleasant, nothing demanding your undivided attention.

The clouds are filling in this morning. The prognosticators are foretelling of a few days of cloudy weather, only one of which has a chance of rain. I won’t be too upset either way. We aren’t hurting for rainfall, but after 2010, I’ll never look at rain with disdain.

Warning Political Rant

On a more somber note, I see it looks like Mitch McConnell is going to play political games once again to try and screw the country. To all of my conservative (whatever the hell that means these days) friends and cousins, Republicans in congress have spent two decades pulling a bait and switch game on the American people… and you’ve let them.

I watched them set it up in 1992. And after that convention I’ve not voted for a single Republican. Thankfully, enough voters cast their ballots for someone else to keep Roy Moore from joining that once august body. No one who believes government can’t work should ever be elected to a government position. But that’s just what Republican voters do time after time.

If you think government is the problem not the solution, how the hell will you ever come up with anything that makes it better? If you’ve never met a tax you didn’t think needed cutting, how the hell will you keep the roads and the sewers in repair… how will you educate your replacements… It seems the only thing Republicans think taxes are for is the arming of the biggest, baddest armed forces in the world. Then they f**k up and elect a moron to the position of commander-in-chief. They’ve turned this once great nation into a bigger North Korea…

For all of you Trump Make America Great Again apologists, how’s that worked out for you? Have you figured out the scam yet? He didn’t plan to win. You guys really screwed him good. Since you elected him, he’s been trying to stay out of jail more than anything else. And he’s losing his mojo, nobody’s treating him fairly, everything is “fake news” this and “fake news” that. Why can’t we just talk about Hillary?

The day will come when Donald Trump will have his day of reckoning. It will probably be sooner rather than later. On that day the Republican party will have to deal with the truth that they were complicit with the ruination of the American values we all grew up with.

On a more pleasant note… I just watched a few hundred sand hill cranes fly over the house heading southwest. Noisy in the extreme.

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