Monday, December 11

Pleasantly cool in the sun on this morning coffee muses.

The birdsong is loud this morning. I had a visit from the winters first Goldfinches. A dozen or so are on the back feeder off and on. The must have seen the welcome I posted in the snow…

They are even landing on the butterfly weed five feet away to wait their turn.

Now it’s the chickadees turn at the feeder. The blue jays are feeding in the pine trees…

As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, there’s still a lot of green hanging on in the red oak.

There’s a woodpecker letting me know he’s about in the remnant of the woods out back. It’s getting harder and harder for them to find nesting holes in what’s left growing along the bayou.

It’s almost time to turn on the ceiling fans if I’m going to stay out here. The sun is warming up this pocket of stillness quite nicely. If I’m going to get up for that I might as well get a refill while I’m at it. And to think, it was just Friday morning that I was sitting here enjoying a winter wonderland of snowy vistas… back in a minute.

Better… I also took the opportunity to move the rocker back into the shade of the corner porch post.

I hear a phoebe calling softly out back.  Bluebirds keep cooing their happy little trill. Yellow-rumps are playing chase around the yard.

I just spotted a large chestnut brown bird under the edge of the cedars… from the look it must have been a Brown Thrasher. From the size and shape to where I saw it right down to the song I’ve been hearing all morning… it all matches the description. I’ve spotted a few times in the yard, but they never stay in sight for long.

The sun is getting harder to dodge by the minute… time to head in.


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