Saturday, December 9

It’s a totally different white on the ground for my morning coffee muses.

Frost is rapidly melting wherever the sun is shining. Dripping from the trees, returning the grass to green. Sunny and bright, this day is beginning so much different from yesterday, but boy is it cold out.

When I went to bed about 11 last night, the weather station in the open yard was already reading 29°. I’m sure it got colder. Especially when I see this much frost on the ground. Many years we don’t see a single frosty morning.

My guess is we will see a lot of the leaves hanging let loose and drop in the next week. Sadly, that will make my mornings noisier. Without all of the leaves the bypass road noise will come thru clearer and clearer. It’s already pretty loud this morning.

It has been a pretty long time since I’ve been able to see my breath this clearly. It must still be pretty cold out here. Though, the sun makes it feel warmer.

I can hear two different train whistles announcing themselves. One is fairly close, the other is off in the distance but getting closer.

The birds are much happier this morning. I’m hearing chirps and songs from every direction.

Coffee’s about gone and so am I…


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