Friday, December 8

A Early Snowy Morning Coffee Muses.

It’s almost 5 a.m. and I’ve been up and outside for a half hour now. On a early morning trip to the bathroom I glanced outside through the window and was surprised to see a White wonderland outside. It had snowed overnight… And, as I sit here on the back porch, it’s still snowing. Mostly it’s small little snowflakes, but there are flurries of the big floppy flakes too.

I’ll post pictures once I go in and upload them to the computer.

The meltdown begins…

2 thoughts on “Friday, December 8”

  1. The sleet woke me about 4. Now, it’s turned into snow. I’m about to go out and about and see what’s up. The dog walkers are out — I can see footprints in the snow, so there’s some accumulation. It is sticking to the palm tree trunks, and the cars are pretty well covered. Such fun!

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