Wednesday, December 6

A cold, windy, wet morning coffee muses.

There’s a cold north wind causing the trees to shiver and shake. This back porch is somewhat protected from the wind but it finds it way in and around my rocking chair. So… for the second time this year I find myself layered in fleece, hood and all.

According to the prognosticators, the temperature isn’t going to vary much at all today. It’s in the mid-forties right now and that’s where it will hang out until nightfall when it will dip even further.

The predominant sound this morning is the wind blowing thru the trees. The birds must be huddled up in thick brush wherever they can.

I think I should follow the example of the birds and huddle up indoors for the day… though, I do need to go to the post office and find out why they couldn’t deliver the package they say they “attempted” to deliver yesterday. I guess I should do that sooner rather than later…

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