Monday, December 4

Overnight rains washed away the dry, dusty overtones for a clean, fresh morning coffee muses.

The clean, clear air is totally different from what we’ve been seeing of a morning. No haze, no fog, just sun shining brightly. So once again I’m on the shadier front porch watching the Monday morning traffic go by.

The temperature is moderate for our fall. The backyard in the sun was reading 72° when I came out. Out here on the shady front porch it’s 69.9°. It would feel better if there was a bit of a breeze… ahhh, there’s one now.

It started raining about 6p.m. yesterday. And it continued to bang and boom for a couple of hours before settling in to just a gentle rain till about 10:00. We really needed the rain. This morning the clouds are drifting slowly to the north. There must be more of them than I thought because the sun has been gone for a while now…

The prognosticators are foretelling of a high today of 80°, a high tomorrow of 78° with a 90% chance of rain… then the temperature starts falling all the way down to a low on Wednesday morning of 46° climbing to a high of 56°. It looks like, if the prognosticators can be believed, that we will have a few days of autumn at least. And with a low of 39° overnight on Saturday into Sunday, a fire in the fireplace might be in the general forecast.

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