Sunday, December 3

It’s quiet under overcast skies, a light haze obscuring my morning coffee muses.

The moisture laden air is bringing out the reds and oranges in the landscape. The bald cypress in particular is starting to show the undertones of fall.

When I first walked out a bunch of dogs somewhere near were raising a ruckus. I heard them last night too. It’s not a sound I’m used to. Far away, crows are conversing. Jays are jaying. Water is dripping again on the garbage can lid. A Carolina wren is singing to the east. Somewhere further east a rooster crows.

And it feels like fall…

Breakfast calls….

2 thoughts on “Sunday, December 3”

  1. I went down to the refuge yesterday afternoon, and I was amazed to see how quickly the color in the trees had developed. I didn’t think we were going to get any to speak of this year, but those gosh-darned Chinese tallows decided to throw a party. The cypress around here suddenly are putting on some color, too. And the egrets down at the slough are putting on their mating season finery, standing around croaking at one another. 🙂

    1. I have been taking a roundabout way home these last few days just to enjoy the color of the tallows in a field around the corner… The only time I can stand to say something nice about them.

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