Thursday, November 30

Seasonably cool on shaded front porch for my morning coffee muses.

The chickadees and their gang of flock mates have filled the trees with their chatter this morning. The neighbor across the road is pushing a mower around his front yard. A train is blowing it’s horn down the rails. The new neighbor has fired up his motorcycle for the run in to work… a new sound to add to the morning symphony. And, the squirrels run scratching up and down the tree trunks. The sounds of my morning.

Mornings in the fifties with afternoon highs in the mid-seventies are great fall weather. The prognosticators are foretelling of a polar cool down for the end of next week. Right now their prediction is for the lows to hit the low forties. Maybe that will be what it takes to turn my red oak orange…

The pecan tree off the front porch is still holding more leaves than any other I can see. I’ve never noticed that it held it’s leaves longer before. I wonder if it does that every year? I’ll have to pay attention next year.

Coffee cup is empty…time to move.

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