Wednesday, November 15

A heavy dew is dripping in the downspout on the fall morning coffee muses.

It’s partly cloudy this morning, just not cloudy enough to tempt me out on the back porch.

Almost as soon as I sat down a train rumbled down the tracks headed for Galveston..

A mockingbird is singing in one of the oaks in the front yard, following the example of the phoebe that greeted me when I came out.

A big yellow school bus just went by hauling kids off to school on the Wednesday morning.

Bus number two passed ten minutes after the first.

Listening to birds, not exactly singing, but chittering and cheeping all around me.

I’m spending much more time musing than I am recording my muses, so I should probably quit.

Except, my first cardinal in weeks just flew down on the feeder.

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