Tuesday, November 14

Another front porch, falling leaves, morning coffee muses.

It’s cool but brightly sunny, so I’m on the front porch once again. The predominant feature of the morning is the abundance of playful squirrels. They are playing all over the front yard, mostly in pairs. Up one tree, down another, in the upper branches, on the ground… basically everywhere you look, there are squirrels.

The breeze is out of the east this morning… And cool. I like it.

Looking up the street the red berries on the holly are shining in the morning sun. Just another reason I’m not seeing as many birds as I’m hearing… too much food in the environment this fall.

It sounds like this is going to be one of those days when the air traffic pattern has more than the normal amount of planes passing overhead. There goes another one. At least it’s not like growing up in Pasadena. Back in the 1950’s and early 60’s, there was no controlling for noise. And we lived about 10 miles from Hobby and right on one of the approaches. Back then they didn’t swoop in to a landing. They came in low and slow. Crossing over our house, they were only a few hundred feet off the ground. And as they passed over every dish in the kitchen, every window in the house, every picture on the wall would clatter. Every day, well into the night, loud, shaking, thunderous engines screaming… oh, and there went another one.

Time to move on……

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