Monday, November 13

A cool and breezy front porch morning coffee muses.

I decided to not fight the sun in the eyes today and take myself out on the front porch instead. Watching the morning traffic on a Monday reminds me of how much it’s changed out here in the last twenty-five years. There’s quite a bit of construction going on out in the county down our road. Mostly residential construction… New homes, garages, even shops behind homes.

I am waiting for Texas New Mexico to come out and upgrade the equipment on our power pole before they do the permanent hookup to the neighbors new home. They will be shutting down our power for a bit when it happens. Knowing it was coming led me to finally acquire a battery backup for the modem/WiFi router. I figure having internet when the power goes out is worth it.

It’s definitely fall… not because of the temperature, which is nice, but because of the gentle fall of leaves when the wind blows. At times it’s like a gentle rain of brown, fluttering corkscrews.

I had to go in and get my binoculars and my Sibley guide because I caught a flash of bright yellow in the pecan tree. It looks like the warblers are back in town. Not sure what the big yellow flash was, but I did see what could be a female of any number of species.

The city and the plumbers next door are working on hooking up the sewer today. And Texas New Mexico just showed up. Looks like the construction project is coming to a head. A great day for sidewalk supervision from the front porch… later.

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