Monday, November 6

A not quite fall-like fall morning coffee muses.

At least it’s not as humid, but boy is it warmer. Of course, it being an hour later than normal could have something to do with the temperature. Two days till lower temperatures…

There’s a bit of .moisture in the way of clouds drifting north. I like clouds. Nature’s sun umbrellas.

Our local murder of crows has filtered through the neighborhood on their morning foraging run. Yesterday, I spotted a pair of cardinals, the first I’ve seen in weeks.

Sometime this week I should think about doing my Deere meditations. The grass isn’t growing near as fast as summer but this is the third week. I think I’ll wait for the cool front though, no reason to get crazy.

The goldenrod is going to seed. So is the milkweed. Bumblebees have shown up on the milkweed, their big black round bodies almost too much for the blooms.

Leaves are trickling down from every tree in the yard, even the pines are dropping a few. The pecans are winning the race to get into their winter wear. But the red oak is beginning to hurry slowly in the race to lose it’s leaves before the can decorate the tree with fall colors.

Time for a refill of muses… And a reprieve from the back porch heat…


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