Sunday, November 5

It’s pretty much a repeat of yesterday’s morning coffee muses.

I could almost just say “ditto” and be done with this post. The sun is bright. Clouds are moving in. The temperature is too warm to be cool, not fall-like at all. The humidity is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

This time of year I’m in countdown mode… I’m either counting down to the next cool front forecasted to arrive, or I’m counting the days until the temperatures go back above 80°. Yesterday we hit 86°, way too warm to feel good.

Falling back last night was anticlimactic, mainly because I didn’t reset any of our multitude of clocks. Sometime today I’ll get around to it. It’ll drive the wife crazy until I do. This whole spring forward, fall back has seemed so bogus all my life. I’ve never understood the reasoning. Of course, I live in a part of the country where the seasonal difference in the length of the daylight hours doesn’t change a great deal. Moving the noon hour back and forth just seems silly.

The cup of muses has run dry once more…

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