Tuesday, October 24

It’s a lovely fall morning coffee muses.

Once again the difference in temperature between the front porch and the back is like the difference between summer and fall. Coming out and sitting before the sun has risen above the roof requires the use of fans. Even with a nice breeze, it’s not enough to cut the sun’s warmth.

This cool spell has brought a touch, maybe just a hint of color to the area. There’s nothing you can point at, but, at the edges there is a wavering in the solid green.

The neighborhood crows are moving thru… caw, caw, cawing as they go. Other than that it’s a very quiet morning.

What I miss, now that we have neighbors who mow, is the fall wild flowers. Every year for decades the right of way thru the woods and the field to the east would be full of fall color. Now, it’s almost like living in a subdivision. Mowed “yards” in every direction. Only my neighbor to the west still lets his back field grow up. It only gets mowed when the pipeline maintenance crew comes thru.

The cup of muses is running low, time for email and the news… Later.


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