Tuesday, October 17

Finally, a beautiful autumn morning coffee muses.

Given a choice of weather, today’s would rank at the top of my list. Sun up in the mid fifties, low sixties at 10:00 a.m., maxing out in the seventies… Sunny with blue skies, lite northerly breeze. The perfect day, any time of the year.

Crows are providing the soundtrack for the morning. They are being accompanied, every once and a while, by the raucous cries of blue jays. It is a song becoming way too common this fall.

It’s really just a daydreaming kind of day… so quiet you can hear your ears ringing over the sound of the ceiling fans. Way off down the line a train horn is competing with the crows… And losing.

This is one of those heavy mast years when most no birds come to the feeders yet because there is plenty to be found in the wild.

Well, I’ve finished my second cup of muses, read the news and email, and still I sit on this back porch enjoying a beautiful morning… I guess I better go ahead and hit publish while it’s still morning…

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