Friday, October 13

A foggy Friday the Thirteenth morning coffee muses.

Warm, muggy, moisture visible in the air. Some visible yellowing beginning to show around the backyard… autumn progresses even as summer lingers. The dichotomy of Autumn on the Gulf Coast.

The sun is trying to break thru the layer of morning fog. But, so far at least, it’s just causing a glare in the sky.

Though, the fog has allowed the birds to sing all around the area. For some reason this seems to be the year of the blue jays. They are everywhere. They predominate in the birdsong, in the tops of the oak trees, even in the air above my yard.

I keep hearing what I think are Carolina wrens off in the woods. In past years they were constant visitors to my porches, but lately, seldom seen.

With the sun out now, the woods are filled with the sparkle of diamonds from every leaf.

My cup of muses is empty… enjoy the day.

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