Thursday, October 12

An unexpected, cool fall morning coffee muses.

Crows and blue jays… that’s the sound of this gorgeous, cool and sunny morning. The prognosticators were calling for morning temperatures of 70° or above. It’s actually 69° on the front porch and feeling cooler with the fan blowing. Add in the breeze and I think I can turn of the fan for now.

This has to be the strangest fall on record. The leaves are falling. Individually, turned brown amongst a sea of green. A single leaf fluttering down into the green grass. But, the predominant color this year is still summer green… actually, that isn’t totally true, it’s really a late spring green.

We seem to be mostly in a lull birdwise. The summer birds have moved on, the winter birds haven’t arrived, and the year round birds aren’t very plentiful. It might be a symptom of the changing nature of my surroundings. My mostly rural area is rapidly losing it’s character, becoming more and more civilized. I haven’t heard a coyote in years.

Once again the cup is empty and calling for a refill… enjoy the day.

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