Sunday, October 8

Another bright sunny morning coffee muses on the back porch.

Today I have to wear my chore that to keep the sun out of my eyes. Yesterday’s clouds were a simpler sunshade. The weather is still in a late summer mode… starting out in the upper seventies and climbing into the nineties each day. It’s just hot by afternoon… And Nate did nothing to change that here.

It looks like 2017 will go down in the history books for hurricane damage across the breadth of th Gulf Coast. From South Texas to South Florida, hardly a square mile seems to have been spared a visit. It could almost be the perfect storm to test the mettle of President Trump. It sure hasn’t stopped his golf game… Has it?

It’s still, no breeze blowing, and Sunday quiet out here. Earlier I heard jays a jaying, crows a crowing, and some type of song birds singing off in the woods. Now, it’s just quiet.

All of my neighbors took the opportunity to mow yesterday. The neighbor to the east knocked down a big part of his yard around the new house. Even along the bayou my neighbor to the south was driving his full sized, air conditioned Deere around his far pasture cutting the grass.

And, there are flowers…

Morning Glory and


Enjoy the day.

3 thoughts on “Sunday, October 8”

  1. Love that purple and gold combination! One of the best days of my life was the day I learned ragweed and not goldenrod was the culprit in fall allergies. Now I can enjoy the goldenrod without any reluctance at all!

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