Saturday, October 7

High clouds make this a back porch morning coffee muses.

It’s a seasonally warm day on the back porch. Ceiling fans and clouds are making it pleasant. It’s also very quiet out.

The weather prognosticators have, once again, backed off of their foretelling of cooler mornings. Now the coolest they are calling for is a low of 69°. Not really my idea of a cool front. I guess I can blame the change on Nate. I’m getting really tired of the tropical systems this year.

But, the fall color this weekend is still summer green. Though, more and more goldenrod is showing blooms as I drive around. There is a Chinese tallow next door that is beginning to show a smattering of color amongst it’s green leaves. And wherever you come across them, the morning glories are in full “glorious” bloom.

The quiet has finally been broken by a murder of crows down along Mustang Bayou.

Well… my better half has informed me of the time. Which means she’s ready to go out to breakfast. So I better get moving.

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