Monday, October 2

Warmer and a bit more humidity for a morning coffee muses.

It’s a warmish 77° out here on the porch this morning. The weather prognosticators are foretelling of rain for the next couple of days. Hopefully I’ll get enough of a break to get in my Deere meditations before the thunderstorms roll in.

The hummingbirds are down to between a half dozen and a dozen. They aren’t even really fighting over the feeders. Out in the yard there are some jays a jaying and some crows a crowing. A mockingbird is pretending to be a warbler.

Leaves have been falling for a couple of weeks. But they are single leaves, fluttering down one at a time. The trees don’t even miss them. And scattered around on all of the trees is some fresh, spring green new growth, standing in contrast to the older leaves around them. Even without the rains of Harvey, this has been one of the wettest years I have seen down here. And the rains have been spread across the calendar… so far.

Coffee’s gone. Time to refill the muses cup… And the clouds are moving in. Looks like I’ll miss those meditations today.

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