Tuesday. September 19

It’s Above Eighty Squared Morning Coffee Muses

That means the temperature is north of 80° and the humidity is north of 80%… Just way too hot to have spent any amount of time outside on the porch this morning. Even a fan blowing doesn’t really improve the way it feels.

The image at the top of the page is the way it looks from my preferred seat this morning. The image just above is what I saw when I did step out to get a feel for the day. My angel trumpet burst into bloom all over in just the last day or so. Each of those blooms hanging down is over 6 inches from base to bottom. Big beautiful blooms.

And here’s the view from the door…

Now, I have already worked thru my email, I have started the laundry… Now I need to make a few calls and start lunch.

Short muse I know. Enjoy your day.

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