Monday, September 11

A New Companion For My Morning Coffee Muses

Well if I needed a companion during my morning coffee muses, I don’t think I could find a better one. After a five minute pet-a-thon with lots of licking so I’ll smell like dog, she settles down and dozes. Either at the door on the mat or at the edge of the porch in the grass, or just right at my feet. All she really wants is to be petted.

Her coloration reminds me of my boyhood dog. A cocker dachshund mix, small with long hair, all white with red ears. I named her Sally after my first boyhood crush. If this one stays around, I think I may call her Peppermint, Peppi for short. Just another play on the red headed girl theme. When I just asked her if that was okay she just kept sleeping.

She has most of the characteristics of a Canary Island hound. A rabbit dog of the Canary Islands. A breed with many of the characteristics of a Pharaoh Hound.

For a stray dog, I guess I could do worse…

On to the morning weather report… cool and beautiful considering it will hit almost 90° by afternoon. The prognosticators are only foretelling of another two really cool mornings before the morning lows climb back above 70.  Believe me, they will be missed immediately.

These ultra nice mornings are requiring an extra battery pack for the tablet. At least I have a few that I can keep charged for the need.

It seems there are to species of birds that are making themselves known these days… hummingbirds and crows. The hummingbirds by their fights at the feeders and the crows by their kawing of in the distance.

Well I’m already into my second cup of muses so I better move on…


2 thoughts on “Monday, September 11”

  1. What a great companion. She looks like a fine dog — I’d keep her around if she showed up here.

    I just found out this morning that some frigate birds were spotted at Armand Bayou before Harvey’s arrival. Since our winds shifted to the north, I’ve seen two ospreys and one coot.We may have some warm weather still to come, but there are signs of a change all around.

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