Sunday, September 10

It’s Gradually Getting Warmer For These Morning Coffee Muses

The neighbor mowed yesterday, so once again the odor of fresh cut grass is strong on the morning air.

Yesterday I walked up on a parakeet on the drive looking for seeds. When I went in and got a handful it started eating out of my hand. It wouldn’t let me grab it though. It was a pretty little bird though. I’m not sure where it may of come from… Another victim of Harvey evidently.

I can hear  quite a few birds off in the woods. I can’t be certain of the identity of most. But I must say the hummingbirds are trickling in. It seems there are more each day fighting over the control of the feeders. I did manage to find two new feeders at HEB. It’s nice that in all the years I’ve been buying them the price has only increased $1. And even with the price increase, it’s half what everyone else charges for the same feeder.

The one thing I haven’t seen since before the storm is the Mississippi Kite. I did see our neighborhood Crested Caracara. I hadn’t seen one all summer though in past years they were a regular sight.

Time to fix breakfast… And get another cup of muses.

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