Sunday, September 3

It’s Cooler This Morning For A Pleasant Coffee Muses.

The only thing wrong with this morning is the mosquitoes. Washed downstream, blown in from the salt grass swamps along the coast, wherever they come from they are unwelcome.

But the morning cool, that’s welcome any day. The weather prognosticators are foretelling of an even cooler spell this coming week. I hope they have there oracle spectacles on and focused properly.

This Sunday morning is quiet. I’m seeing birds fluttering about but not hearing much from them. The roar of the road is silent. I heard a vacuum running a bit ago, but it was so far off it took me a minute to recognize the sound.

I find myself sitting, staring into the distance, grateful for our luck in being high and dry through Harvey. Thinking about all the poor folks who weren’t. People unsure of where they are going. Or even how they will get there. Our prayers and thoughts are on all of you out there.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, September 3”

    1. I didn’t think to tell you, they were open at least since Wednesday. I stopped in on Thursday for celery. The only place in town that had any. Their stock was low though.

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