Thursday, August 31

Cloudless Skies, Lite Breezes, Post Harvey Morning Coffee Muses

The heat of summer is returning, though it’s still pleasant out here on the back porch for one more day. There’s not a cloud interrupting the blue expanse of the sky from horizon to horizon.

We went out yesterday to check the roads and Highway 6 was barricaded at Gordon. The maps showed more water toward 288. So we cruised into Friendswood on 528 until we hit high water there. The high water downstream from us was all off the road… but that direction just leads to dead ends.

We’ll go out later and see if Sherry can get to work tomorrow morning… Hopefully the stores will begin to get restocked.

One thought on “Thursday, August 31”

  1. I’m off to work as soon as I finish my own coffee. Things aren’t perfect here, but at least the roads are clearing. The last I looked, most of the water that would affect me is along the freeways and other roads that have interchanges and feeder roads that can flood even in heavy thunderstorms.

    I went to Arlans on the north side of the lake yesterday, and the pickings were pretty slim, but I was able to get basics like milk, cottage cheese, lettuce, and strawberries. It’s a good thing I didn’t want beer or chips!

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