Sunday, August 20

Just A Tad Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

Happy Birthday to my mom. This marks her 84th trip around the sun. Since I am such a dunce with the memory thing, I’ll be hand delivering the birthday card I have for her.

I am not sure why, but the temperature is a couple degrees or so below what I’m used to this morning. It’s a nice change, I do not expect it to last. Even the monarch feeding on the milkweed seems happier. Now she’s laying eggs. There are even birds calling about the backyard.

It’s the first time in weeks that I can recall a totally clear blue sky. There’s not even a smudge of a cloud on the horizon. I suppose there could be something to the north but I can’t see it. Wedgwood Blue over Irish green… beautiful.

Well, I need to go fix breakfast, so it’s time to send these muses out on the ether…

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