Tuesday, August 15

The Humidity Is Back With A Vengeance Morning Coffee Muses

Stepping out the back door today I was slapped in the face by the return of full humidity. The cloud cover you see in the above photos has blown north in the few minutes since I took the shots. The sky is almost totally clear blue… except for the eastern horizon where the line of thunderclouds is moving up Galveston bay once again. Once again, these morning coffee muses are feeling a bit sticky.

I have come to the conclusion that these folks who think the Confederate Battle Flag is about heritage not racism are half right. It’s that word “not” that gets them in trouble. The Confederate Battle Flag is all about the heritage of racism. The statues of Confederate leaders are all about heritage too… The heritage of racism. Whenever you see all of the symbols of racism in one group… the battle flag, the KKK hoods, the Nazi flag and you add the vitreous slogans, the hateful speech… you’ve pretty much given up on your heritage argument all together.

What amazes me is all of the people I’ve worked with, share genes with, been friends with that have this bogus argument hiding in their makeup. And all it took to bring it to the fore was a  black man winning the Presidency. Many of these folks are God fearing, church goers. And I can’t help but wonder if they edit their bible the same way they edit the constitution… Hell, the way they edit their understanding of history.

This country, my country, is saddled with a President who has not one cell of Leadership in his body. He spends all of his time bullying his “enemies” and passing the buck. It’s funny how the buck never stops at him. And like the party he nominally leads, his agenda is not about aspiring to do great things, it’s about taking back what has already been accomplished. The party of No is still all about taking back… social security, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protections, consumer protections, work place protections, economic protections. The only thing the Party of No say yes to is the Economic Royalty they serve.

To all of my friends and family who feel their heritage is being subsumed by the politically correctness of modern society, all I can say is it’s about damn time. It was wrong then, it’s still wrong now. We’ve fought wars to put these demons back in the pit. But the demon keeps clawing it’s way back into the hearts of sad, mean hearted people. And the demon lives in the heart of the Trump base.

The thing I keep thinking back to is the Oklahoma Bombing, and the home grown haters that did that heinous act. Are they so much different from the driver of the gray charger? Does it take more than a handful of deranged people fed by the hate of the crowd to cause great damage to a free society. If you think it doesn’t, rethink, look at the battlefields we are on this day and remember, most of the Muslim world does not follow the terrorists.

Sermon over for today…

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