Monday, August 14

A Much Drier, Less Humid Start To A Week Morning Coffee Muses

Walking out today I was amazed when my glasses didn’t fog up. I can’t remember when that last happened. It doesn’t make the temperature any lower, but it sure makes it more livable.

This morning, bright and early they poured a slab next door. By 8:00 a.m. it was all done. Now the county is mowing the drainage ditch on the far side. But they aren’t mowing the grass, they are mowing the trees growing on the old fence line.

Once again, it’s blue skies everywhere except over Galveston bay. The line of clouds that moves in every morning is almost cliche now. But, then again, most of what can be said about a Texas Gulf Coast morning’s weather has been said many times before. I will say this… sitting outside trying to find the hot gulf winds enjoyable leaves me dreaming of cool mountain breezes and watching valley fog dissipate in the morning sun. Even the dry mountain breezes of Colorado are better at bringing out my nature loving inner child.

Coffee’s gone and the love bugs are getting annoying…

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