Thursday, August 10

Blue Skies And Warm Morning Coffee Muses

The smell of freshly cut grass on the morning air. Just a hint of rot wafting thru. Once again the Deere meditations are complete. I won’t need to worry about them again for at least a week.

The early mornings are quiet out. Not even the birds seeming to want to break the silence. Though off in the distance a lone bird sings. A landscape overflown by silent dragonflies in the hundreds.

The view is mostly monochromatic from this rocking chair on the porch. Shades of green predominant amongst a touch of brown stems and trunks and limbs. Though, the wisteria has a sprinkling of small, grape like clusters of purple flowers. Oh… And the pomegranate is covered in red-orange flowers, though from here they are almost invisible.

Coffee’s gone again… time to move on…

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